[bf1942] Getting Responses From PB in Python

turkee turkee at arach.net.au
Fri Jul 8 20:53:16 EDT 2005

I hope so - that would please me greatly. We run multiple servers all
from the one pbbans.dat file and it's quite frustrating not being able
to retrieve a user's partial GUID from RCON (ie. Without entering the
game itself).

Forrest: BFV has the same problem as BF2 as far as PB responses go,
yeah, though BF42 has no trouble retrieving PB responses. I'm not sure
if this was added in a patch sometime prior to 1.45, I wasn't really on
the scene then.


Marshall Joyce

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Yes EB are aware of this and are working for a solution.

    Steve / K
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> I've been trying to use PunkBuster commands from Python.  I try, for
> example:
>  host.rcon_invoke("pb_sv_plist")
> and I get no response.  Other non-PB RCon commands (e.g.
> host.rcon_invoke("admin.listplayers")) work fine.
> Scanning the archive for this mailing list, I found
>    http://article.gmane.org/gmane.games.fps.bf1942/8649/match=+plist
> which suggests that with BF1942 and BFV, you could never get a 
> response from PunkBuster commands via RCon, *ever*, until a BFV patch 
> that added a new command:
>    admin.enableConsoleInfoServer
> which, after invoked, would allow PB responses to be passed through to

> RCon.
> I'm wondering if something similar is going on with BF2--there seem to

> be all kinds of features that were added in patches to BF1942 and BFV 
> that somehow didn't find their way into BF2, and I'm thinking this is 
> one of them--there certainly isn't a "admin.enableConsoleInfoServer" 
> command in BF2 right now.
> Has anyone gotten any PB commands to return responses in Python?
> --Forrest (aka "Woody)

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