[bf1942] bye...

Cream lists at donut.dk
Fri Jul 1 20:57:08 EDT 2005

Jeff Abbott wrote:
> I was kind of curious about  why 
> we were sharing the bf1942 list, myself.  Shouldn't there be a  
> dedicated BF2 mailing list?  It seems like it's a different enough  
> beast from bf1942 and bfv that it'd warrant having one "for the few  
> people that will still be trying to administer their own BF2 server a  
> month from now."  :P

ditto, im just here for the BF1942 stuff.

then again the list has been dead for quite a while, im not sure there 
is much harm done.

hell i havent been running a bf server for over a year, im just sticking 
around out of curiosity.

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