[bf1942] BF2 server managers and remote managers

Flight 800 Flight800 at Comcast.net
Sat Jan 22 22:20:22 EST 2005

> 1. anyone know if they will release with a remote manager and 
> server manager? 2. I really found one of the main problems 
> with running  A linux BF42,DC,DCX server is and was the 
> server manager. IF you used the one with came with the server 
> install it ran ok but ppl had a hard time administrating the 
> server. As the rcon commands were long and at times confusing 
> .. Long learning curve. BBO came out with a great fix to this 
> with their first remote manager. But when they started doing 
> the server manager and remote manager.. Many problems were 
> found with many many server crashes and head aches. But with 
> a much more GUI friendly way to admin your server. Will their 
> be a tool from EA/Dice that will do this? And be friendly? 

EA/Dice should support BBO, period.  They tried creating their own built-in
server manager once and, as predicted, it failed.

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