[bf1942] BF2 server managers and remote managers

Martin Steiger martin at steigi.com
Sun Jan 23 08:44:42 EST 2005

>> a much more GUI friendly way to admin your server. Will their
>> be a tool from EA/Dice that will do this? And be friendly?
> EA/Dice should support BBO, period.  They tried creating their own
> built-in server manager once and, as predicted, it failed.

You heard the news about the python-based remote-manager, didn't you? As
far as it concerns me, this sounds very promising, since you can customize
it the way you want (ok, you have to learn python, but that's not that
hard... :-)

And, as far as I know, DICE/EA never created a server manager (except the
remoteconsole.exe). The one shipped with BFV was another third-party


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