[bf1942] Patch news ("1.2")

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Thu Dec 15 18:34:25 EST 2005

I do computer support for a living, and I gotta say you are wrong.

Possibly because I bill at $100/hour, but even with my own machine, it makes
more sense to re-install it and start fresh, than it does to try and fix a
problem that might take 6 hours, and might not ever work right.

Now, then again, I install EVERYTHING on my computer, and it is a regular
test bed, but I have imaged a clean OS, and it takes roughly 15 mins to get
it to a "pristine" state with most of my apps and such running, and

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People are always reinstalling Windows and formatting their hard drives 
unnecessarily, in my experience.  Back in win98 days this was a terrific 
idea and solved a lot of problems.  But IMO since win2k this is vastly less 
necessary or helpful, but the meme is out there and for a lot of folks it's 
their attempted solution to everything.

Pretty painful these days, too.  Why on earth does XP take so long to 
install?  Even the biggest Linux distro is done in a fifth the time, 
finding all my hardware better, too.

Pretty sweet I guess!


At 01:15 PM 12/14/2005, you wrote:
>I haven't had the problem of having to reinstall my box 100 times, but
>people from my clan has. One even bought a brand new box for alot of
>his saved money, a very nice machine if you ask me. Cleanly installed
>by some guy at the store, one of Swedens bigger stores. BF2 was the
>first thing he installed, patch 1.01 didn't work, patching failed. He
>reinstalled the whole box after a while, no go. 1.02 didn't work, 1.03
>didn't work, he reinstalled quite a lot of times there aswell. 1.12
>worked after having reinstalled and read trough alot of forums trying
>some halfbreed workaround, a mix between three different ones.
>Either way, I couldn't help him personally, He lives too far away.
>Either way, BF2 patches has some serious issues, you could call
>yourself lucky. Just as I call myself lucky.
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