[bf1942] Patch news ("1.2")

Jani Partanen jiipee at sotapeli.fi
Fri Dec 16 07:22:08 EST 2005

> Possibly because I bill at $100/hour, but even with my own 
> machine, it makes more sense to re-install it and start 
> fresh, than it does to try and fix a problem that might take 
> 6 hours, and might not ever work right.

And throw away valuable research enviroment to find out what cause problem?
No way! I rather spend some time to find out solution than start to take
backups of all important files just that I can do clean install. Sure Clean
install is good to do sometimes, but it shouln't be first priority. If you
don't ever spend time to solve problems, you won't gain any experience. If
you once spend 3h to finds some problem, next time it takes maybe 2 minutes
to fix it.
IRL example: HP printer didn't work and I got call to come look it. Well
first I was thinking that I just reinstall drivers, well no go. I was like
WTF!? Then after some drivers reinstall, I finaly end up to device manager
and turned on switch "Show hidden devices" And there it was! Conflicting HP
printer, it just didn't show up in normal device manager view.
Now I have used that experience many times to fix same problem and it only
takes 30sec to remove that conflicting driver. No reason to do clean
install. IMHO

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