[bf1942] Patch news ("1.2")

Anton Jansen gradius at fmf.nl
Wed Dec 14 10:32:25 EST 2005

Mikael Bååth wrote:

>On 12/14/05, Jani Partanen <jiipee at sotapeli.fi> wrote:
>>I don't have much bad to say of any previous CLIENT patches. Sure server
>>versions had famous problems, but client versions has work just fine for me
>>and some good fixes is made.
>Cool, so your game wasn't affected by the commanderbug, the artillery
>bug on wake, the "zatar wetlands spawnpoint selection" bug, the "gray
>flag via vehicles at any location" bug, the pronespam bug, nor the
>infamous dolphin diving bug. Your serverbrowser has worked fine all
>this time and you've had no CTDs nor any cold boots from the game. You
>can't disable EAX to gain an omniscent ear either I take it. Never got
>run over by a jeep speeding at 0.2kmph either?
>And I take it you've never gotten "Patching failed" again and again
>after having freshly reinstalled your box for the 100th time just to
>try to get the game patched?
>Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
>European Battlefield 2 League founder.
Nha, it isn't as bad as the invalid-cd key "feature"  introduced earlier 
on. I mean, if you encrypt a cd-key, you can read it back right? I 
normally do not flame, but this unexpected feature made the game 
literally unplayable for 2 months for me. (yes, I tried all the 
workarounds, they didn't work either :-( It is not that I'm mad that 
these mistakes happens, it's the way in which EA responds and has it 
processes organized that pisses me off. From an engineering perspective, 
there is no accuse not  to fix this issue within a week, why it takes 2 
months is clearly an indication that something is not running as it 
should be ....

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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