[bf1942] Patch news ("1.2")

Jani Partanen jiipee at sotapeli.fi
Wed Dec 14 11:07:47 EST 2005

> Cool, so your game wasn't affected by the commanderbug, the 
> artillery bug on wake, the "zatar wetlands spawnpoint 
> selection" bug, the "gray flag via vehicles at any location" 
> bug, the pronespam bug, nor the infamous dolphin diving bug.

Doesn't bother me. There has been bugs, there will be new bugs, there is
allways bugs. We just have to live with them. It doesn't help that I whine
here how bad everything is. Best what I can do is post my findings to

> Your serverbrowser has worked fine all this time and you've 

Yes, not any serious broblems with that. I have found all servers that I

> had no CTDs nor any cold boots from the game.
No and no. Only 1 or 2 CTD, none cold boot.
Maybe it's your hardware what is faulty, have you think of that?

> You can't disable EAX to gain an omniscent ear either I take it. Never 

I don't wanna disable EAX

> got run over by a jeep speeding at 0.2kmph either?

Sometimes, but like I said, we have to live with that.

> And I take it you've never gotten "Patching failed" again and 


> again after having freshly reinstalled your box for the 100th 
> time just to try to get the game patched?

Why should I reinstall my system? This is my second XP installation what I
run and this is made: 28.01.2004 I don't like to install windows every day
or week, it's just too much work.

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