[bf1942] Pure Mode / SF setup without install of patch 1.10

Rüdiger Webmaster at robin1977.de
Mon Dec 12 15:39:29 EST 2005

Who can tell me, how to switch pure mode off at Battlefield 2 windows
unranked Server (latest version)?

Second question: Does anyone know about a setup routine of Special Force,
which does not try to install patch 1.10 first? Its because of my install
problems of the patches. They do not work proper.  So I tried to install
them manually out of my temp folder. Now the problem is, that the setup of
Special Forces runs this patch, but the installation fails every time, so it
is impossible to install the SF. Believe me, I have already tested all
solutions I found. New Admin Account, turn off all tasks, ect.
Nothing helped me. So I decided to search for a setup routine, that skips
the install of patch 1.10.

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