[bf1942] Problems updating punkbuster.

Omnix (PsB) omnix at punksbusted.com
Wed Aug 17 16:38:26 EDT 2005

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:44:04 +0100
"Johan Grasmo" <JohanG at allerinternett.no> wrote:

> It seems like my server runs an "old" version of PunkBuster. Here's
> the output from the server:
> PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.112 | A1310 C1.110) Enabled


> I've checked and the server updates the .htm files and I've run 'exec
> PB_SV_Update' in the rcon-interface. This doesn't help the users it
> seems.

Have you tried the manual update instructions on Even Balance's web

> I've downloaded the pbweb.x86-file from evenbalance.com but punkbuster
> won't run afterwards. What am I doing wrong ?

A log from running PBWEB would be handy and some more information.  Does
it not enable at all when you set it in the server config?  Does it
cause the server to crash?  Does it make any noises in the log files?

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