[bf1942] BF1 Question : Using FireDaemon Pro to run bf1942?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Tue Apr 12 15:55:48 EDT 2005

That all depends on how the machine was started and how many users
exist. Basically it is on the desktop but just not the desktop you are
using. Under XP and 2003 this seems more prolific. To fix the same
issue here we have set the machines to logon as a specific user on boot.

Hope this helps

    Steve / K
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From: "Brigham Stevens" <brs at vikingmind.com>

> Ok I've decided that for my purposes Kevin's BFSM will work fine.
> However, one thing that is odd is that in FireDaemon I selected
> "interact with desktop" which should enable the app to display it's
> interface, but none appears. It isn't really a problem tho, the server
> is configured and working, but I think that it is strange that no window
> is appearing when interact w/desktop is selected.. In the past in
> working with services I have used that option (not w/FireDaemon, but in
> the Service properties page) for apps that run as services and display a
> GUI. Anyways, like I said it does not really matter the server is working.

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