[bf1942] 1.2 Patch???

Flight 800 Flight800 at Comcast.net
Sun Sep 26 19:50:47 EDT 2004

>  From another POV, I found the helo's in DC to be so very 
> difficult to 
> fly, without any feel for proper steering possible, that I 
> never tried 
> played DC again. I do enjoy BF1942 because the planes act 
> like planes. 
> If you prefer flying helo's buy a flight simulator.

Or you could simply play the game and just not fly helos.  It took me about
a week to master flying the helo in DC, I really liked the fact that the
movement accurately mimicked helicopter flight controls.  I'd rather have a
challenge and some realism than simply be able to jump in and go.  Just my
humble opinion...

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