[bf1942] 1.2 Patch???

Cream[DONut] lists at donut.dk
Mon Sep 27 08:17:47 EDT 2004

RW wrote:
> From another POV, I found the helo's in DC to be so very difficult to 
> fly, without any feel for proper steering possible, that I never tried 
> played DC again. I do enjoy BF1942 because the planes act like planes. 

I love the realism of the choppers in DC, its the only reason i still 
have BF installed, and its the reason i run a DC server.

 > If you prefer flying helo's buy a flight simulator.

Why? DC is much more fun, in comparison i think most of the maps are too 
small, and visibility is too short to be a proper airplane flight flight 

my 2 cent :)

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