[bf1942] 1.2 Patch???

RW rookiewan at cistron.nl
Sun Sep 26 14:14:26 EDT 2004

Shockwave wrote:

> This is a common feeling expressed by many in my clan and the DC
> community as well.  All of us couldn't wait to get Vietnam when it first
> came out, but after our pilots tried the aircraft the notion of playing
> the game as a team was DOA.  Desert Combat is the closest anyone has
> come to creating aircraft that are viable but that mod is essentially
> dead.  

 From another POV, I found the helo's in DC to be so very difficult to 
fly, without any feel for proper steering possible, that I never tried 
played DC again. I do enjoy BF1942 because the planes act like planes. 
If you prefer flying helo's buy a flight simulator.

There are always two sides to an issue, but 'the community' is such a 
lovely abused statement. I remember 8000 signatures would represent 'the 
whole community' when in fact millions of copies of said game was sold...

My 0.02


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