[bf1942] 1.2 Patch???

Shockwave shockwave at clan-tf20.com
Sun Sep 26 09:25:28 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-09-26 at 08:17, Michael wrote:
> It's good some bugs are going to be fixed. But I wonder what the
> infatuation is with nerfing all aircraft to where nobody will use them
> anymore. I didn't know the BF series was supposed to be just another FPS.
> Vehicles are supposed to be stronger. There is always going to be people
> crying about them. But logic says "if it bothers them so much they have
> <insert any other FPS here> to play."
> Oh well, who cares anymore... I don't play vietnam anymore anyways.
> -Michael

This is a common feeling expressed by many in my clan and the DC
community as well.  All of us couldn't wait to get Vietnam when it first
came out, but after our pilots tried the aircraft the notion of playing
the game as a team was DOA.  Desert Combat is the closest anyone has
come to creating aircraft that are viable but that mod is essentially

Evidently the powers that be have decided that it is much more important
to make aircraft accessible to noobs than it is to allow skill to be
part of the equation.  In my opinion, this is a terrible mistake.  I
remember the first time I tried to pilot a helicopter and wound up
flipping it upside down as soon as I took off.  It didn't make me stop
playing the game.  Instead it encouraged me to spend countless hours
trying to master the nuances of flight for each and every aircraft in
the game.

You're right on target, Michael.  Every other FPS offers infantry game
play.  The BF series sets itself apart from the rest by embracing the
concept of vehicles and making them an integral part of the game. 
That's the sole reason I and many of my friends have stuck with DC.  As
far as many of us are concerned, killing the vehicles kills the essence
of the game.

I hope this message isn't lost on the developers of BF2.


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