[bf1942] Getting output from punkbuster commands via rcon

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at dicecanada.com
Wed Oct 20 11:10:17 EDT 2004

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> This doesn't seem to make any difference here is this 
> something that was fixed in BFV only? Also Im not sure its 
> what Im looking for. I only want to see the output of the 
> commands I perform not that of anything performed 
> specifically by potential other connections.

Ah, yes, this is BFV only.  I'm not sure what Andreas has done, but I believe that Kevin Lockitt did manage to get it working with his tool on 1942.

As for capturing output specific to rcon-issued commands, sorry, that's not the way PB works.  We simply provide an output hook for PB to use, and from there, the output goes to the console, and the consoleInfoServer remote console queue.  PB doesn't provide a way to differentiate its output (afaik).

> Do you have any docs there on the rcon protocol itself? If 
> you do they would be hand to have I'm sure.

I don't have any docs on it, no.  I think I remember seeing something about having to issue an [Enter] character to get queued up consoleInfoServer data, but it's been a while since I've tested that -- perhaps that might be an issue?

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