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Jon Wolberg jon at ecgnetwork.com
Wed May 26 17:51:10 EDT 2004

RE: [bf1942] running mod on dedicated Linux ServerHas anyone been able to figure out how Nvidia runs their BFV servers @ 50 players with no lag?  I ping 100 on them ( cross country ) and I dont lag whereas my local pub is @ 42 and doesnt run as well.

I fail to believe that there is something they know that I dont when it comes to running BF servers.

Any ideas?

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager
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  Actually I think it just needs to have game.serverDedicated set to zero because otherwise it won't do anything.

  I fixed this for BF1942 by just ignoring the serverDedicated flag when generating CRCs.

  // Andreas

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  > Indeed it does removing serversettings.con makes it sit and look
  > like its loading the map but once at 100% it quits and a valid
  > LevelCheck.con file has been created. So looks like the
  > script needs to move any possible serversettings.con out
  > of the way while it does its work then put it back.

  Excellent... so that makes the file:

  - ----------------- 8< -------------- snip --------------- 8<
  @echo off
  echo Building MD5 fingerprints

  set EXE=BfVietnam
  set MOD=BfVietnam

  set FILES=Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail_alt Hue Hue_alt Ia_Drang
  Khe_Sahn Landing_Zone_Albany Lang_Vei Operation_Flaming_Dart
  Operation_Game_Warden Operation_Hastings Operation_Irving Quang_Tri

  ren Mods\%MOD%\settings\serversettings.con serversettings.bak

  for %%x in (%FILES%) do %EXE% +game %MOD% +restart 1 +hostServer 1
  +generateMD5 %%x

  ren Mods\%MOD%\settings\serversettings.bak serversettings.con
  - ----------------- 8< -------------- snip --------------- 8<

  Change MOD and FILES to suit your mod/server.


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