[bf1942] win32 dedicated doesnt work?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 17:19:01 EST 2004

Thanks for that does sound like its the win32 dedicated broken then
Any BFV devs on the list now that can investigate please.

    Steve / K
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Subject: Re: [bf1942] win32 dedicated doesnt work?

> I downloaded it.  E-mail me directly and I can give you a link to the file
> that I use.
> Also, I am using the beta of BVSM, and even though I save the maplist, I get
> this error in the BVSM logs when I try to start the server via the cmdline
> option -start ( which starts BVSM and then has BVSM start the BFV server ):
> 3/22/2004 10:17:17 : Started under Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service
> Pack 1 (Build 2600)
>  3/22/2004 10:17:17 : Listening on
>  3/22/2004 10:17:17 : WARNING: You must select a start map before you can
> start the server.
>  3/22/2004 10:17:17 : Couldn't start the server! Couldn't write maplist
> file.
>  3/22/2004 10:17:17 : Couldn't start server via command-line option!
>  3/22/2004 10:17:23 : Exited
> This was here on my workstation.  When I checked the maps tab in BVSM, all
> the maps were checked, and a manual check of maplist.con shows there is
> indeed a maplist there.  However, when I right click on a map in the maplist
> in BVSM and tell it to "Set Next Map" and then click start, it starts fine.
> I dont know if this is a BVSM bug or a dedserver bug :(

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