[bf1942] BFVCC & BFVC3 ?

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Tue Mar 16 18:24:24 EST 2004

Posted by Kevin @ BBO:

Tuesday, 16 March 2004 

I am starting to get a lot of emails along the lines of "Are you going to
make a BFSM for BFV?". The answer is I have not planned to do so because
DICE have told me that a server manager would ship on the CD with BFV.
However, based on what I have heard from server admins a BFSM conversion to
BFV would not be too difficult. 

I am currently waiting to see the reaction of server admins to the tools
that EA has provided with the game before deciding whether or not to invest
time in a BFV server manager. If you would like to see a version of BFSM for
BFV please indicate this in this forum thread. 



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Yup.  Currently my server has 54 players on it, which BFVCC reports 17. (
Note 17 USA and 0 NVA, according to BFVCC ).  I unchecked the smart balance
but its still turning itself on and trying to balance the teams.

Thank GOD that BFRM 1.4 still works partially.

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager
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> Roger that.  And running a software company myself, I can't say I'm
> terribly interested in people's excuses for not testing properly.  I'd
> myself out of a job for whining like that, not to mention the incredulous
> looks like I'd lost my mind.
> Like EA can't drum up a few beta testers for christ's sake..
> lee
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> >Jon Wolberg wrote:
> >
> >>Please PLEASE come back Kevin!
> >
> >I may sound repetitive - but I can't say how much I agree.
> >
> >--ck
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