[bf1942] Players complaining about missing tools?

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at dicecanada.com
Tue Mar 16 10:01:13 EST 2004

> The shovel digs a temporary spawn point, which only lasts as long as the
> person who dug it lives.  All of the main spawn points on each map work
> fine.

Not exactly.  The shovel allows you to relocate certain spawn points that
are placed on the map.  The item starts out with zero ammo -- you have to go
pick it up with the 'g' key.

This means that, on the linux server, NVA players will destroy these movable
spawn points when they pick them up.

These spawn points only exist in certain maps/game types, so you may want to
remove the following from your map rotation, until we get the issue

Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Ho_Chi_minh_Trail_alt (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Ia_Drang (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Khe_Sahn (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Landing_Zone_Albany (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Lang_Vei (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Operation_Hastings (Conquest, Custom Combat)
Operation_Irving (Conquest, Custom Combat)

Peter and I are working on the issue right now.

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