Bug in server: map changes not possible

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Tue Mar 16 16:21:52 EST 2004


after firing up GPM_COOP on my test server, it refuses to change maps 
via admin.changeMap.

 > admin.changeMap operation_game_warden
../battlefield/BFMainNewRend/Setup.cpp(4611): Log: 
../battlefield/BFMainNewRend/Setup.cpp: Invalid Mapname: mod(BFVIETNAM) 
gpm(GPM_COOP) map(operation_game_warden)

Error: This map does not support the current game type!

Uhm, what am I missing? The maplist.con looks like this (excerpt):

game.addLevel operation_flaming_dart GPM_COOP BFVIETNAM


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