[bf1942] Players complaining about missing tools?

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Mon Mar 15 19:59:32 EST 2004

> From: Christopher Kunz [mailto:chrislist at de-punkt.de]
> Subject: [bf1942] Players complaining about missing tools?
> some of our customers seem to have obtained a US version (or 
> serial, for 
> that matter) of the game, and complain about the NVA shovel 
> and mortar 
> not working on our test server.

yes, i can verify this bug. i had to work around an msvc 'issue' in the
linux server source, but apparently i didn't catch them all. there will be
another release once i've killed off all of this crap

sorry about not noticing earlier, but i can't play fps's to save my life

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