[bf1942] More BFV XML Bugs, and Some Oddness

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Mon Mar 15 09:10:41 EST 2004

> From: Forrest Thiessen [mailto:thiessen at alum.mit.edu]
> Subject: [bf1942] More BFV XML Bugs, and Some Oddness
> 1. BUG: roundInit events are missing from the logs.  In BF1942, they
> look like this:
>      <bf:event name="roundInit" timestamp="276.721">
>          <bf:param type="int" name="tickets_team1">375</bf:param>
>          <bf:param type="int" name="tickets_team2">375</bf:param>
>      </bf:event>

the internals were different enough that when merging i dropped this change.
i've added it back, but it will likely sit until 1.1

> 2. BUG: There is a bug in BF1942's XML logs that causes victorytype
> reported
>    in the <bf:roundstats> structure at the end of every round 
> be "4".

hmmm.... who's to say that it isn't always 4 (it's a nice round # :-) 

anyway, i think i see the problem, but does this happen (in bf1942 since you
can't test bfv) in ctf? the end game logic is hairy and i want to make sure
that i'm fixng the right thing (especially since our code bases have
defintely diverged in this area :-() 

btw, evolution has a funky new victory type here. if you've gotten to the
last level in the evolutionary chain (i'm not sure if this is protazoa or
human) it will return type 6

>    Even though it's a bug "inherited" from BF1942, it sure would be nice
to fix it 
> (like you or someone else apparently fixed the bug in BF1942 that 
> caused all games
> to be logged as "GPM_CQ", even when they weren't--the mode reporting
> feature works correctly in BFV's XML logs).

huzah!!! i actually fixed something :-)

> 3. WEIRDNESS: The semantics of flag captures have changed from the way
>    they are handled in BF1942; it's definitely incompatible, 
> but whether
> it's
>    a bug or not. . . (maybe it's a "feature"?).

sorry, but the semantics have changed (isn't this ok since i changed the
event file header?). in bfv flag capture is for capturing a control point
and defence means that you've neutralized a control point. 

>    Attack/FlagCapture issue). (Note 2: BF1942 and BFV both 
> seem to have
>    "Objective" and "ObjectiveTK" scoreEvent types; I haven't been able
> to try
>    them in BFV yet, but they are definitely *BROKEN* in 
> BF1942--I can't
> get
>    them to be produced for anything, even in Objective-mode Secret
> Weapons
>    maps; hopefully they work in BFV, if not, that will be a bug, too).

sorry, there isn't any handling of object/objectivetk yet in bfv.

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