[bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Sun Mar 14 08:15:30 EST 2004

Kevin Lockitt wrote:

> I don't know where Chris gets his information so let me address this
> before fiction becomes fact.

Great you're going to clear that up, I am sure I got this all mixed up 
from the various threads on the subject. Sorry for that.

> 3. The current push by some BFSM users for DICE to support a
> BFV-compatible version of BFSM is being undertaken on their own
> initiative. I have already been advised by DICE that they do not intend
> to sponsor a BFV-compatible version of BFSM at this time (as posted on
> my News page).

Did they sponsor your efforts for 1.6?

> 4. I am very busy studying a Computer Science degree at university at
> the moment and have little or no spare time as it is. I really don't
> have the time to start a second server manager project but I would
> consider it if there is a *large* number of current BFSM users who would
> like to see a BFV-compatible version of BFSM.

You bet there'll be. We'd be happy to license your tool on a volume 
basis if it came to that.

Another question is: how large is the actual coding effort? From what I 
see, the only difference between BF:V and BF1942 is going to be the 
old-style map list and different map names, if (and that's the big 
question) the remote console protocol stays the same.

> 5. To InCisT: go **** yourself pal.

Hrm. :)


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