[bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Kevin Lockitt kevlar at blackbagops.com
Sat Mar 13 19:30:44 EST 2004

I don't know where Chris gets his information so let me address this
before fiction becomes fact.

1. I was contracted by DICE to produce an update to BFSM for BF1942 v1.6
only. I was never approached to do an update for BFV so the conclusions
Chris draws below are entirely his own.

2. I have never made any announcement about not supporting BFV. The
closest I have come to making an announcement on the subject can be
found at the bottom of this forum thread

3. The current push by some BFSM users for DICE to support a
BFV-compatible version of BFSM is being undertaken on their own
initiative. I have already been advised by DICE that they do not intend
to sponsor a BFV-compatible version of BFSM at this time (as posted on
my News page).

4. I am very busy studying a Computer Science degree at university at
the moment and have little or no spare time as it is. I really don't
have the time to start a second server manager project but I would
consider it if there is a *large* number of current BFSM users who would
like to see a BFV-compatible version of BFSM.

5. To InCisT: go **** yourself pal.

If you want to discuss this subject anymore please do so in the above
forum thread. This is the Linux server mailing list after all.


Kevin Lockitt

kevlar at blackbagops.com

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As to the remote administration issue: Kevin Lockitt (who was 
inappropriately named a whiney little *** by somebody who himself needs 
to get a clue) was hired by DICE to do some contract work (I think) on 
an administration software. He tried to sell BFRM to DICE, which was 
refused. Consequently, Kevin announced he wouldn't support BF:V in his 
remote manager, and another application seems to be bundled with the 
release version of BF:V.

I currently don't see why a future version of BFRM couldn't support BF:V

as well, the coding effort is minimal. But being called a bitch doesn't 
really increase his motivation - great community work InCisT.

Hope that clears it up a bit.


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