AW: [bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Martin Steiger martin at
Sat Mar 13 19:05:52 EST 2004

>>>Peter Chang wrote:
>>> finally, my public face probably hasn't been as supportive as
>>> you guys have wanted, and i apologize for that. but i really have
trying to
>>> make the bfv server what works for the community. my bugs and
>>> from dice are not the same thng.
>>Actually, I couldn't be much more pleased. We have a running server
>>(well, most of us ;-), and the game isn't even released yet. Well,
>>Razor1911 don't count.

I can't say, how much I agree with ck! Your emails were sometimes a bit
"hard" to read, but I'll blame that to Microsoft... ;) But you answered our
questions (most time within minutes), you took our problems serious (think
about the glibc issue), what more could we want?!? You really don't have any
reason to apologize for anything! You and the work you did is more than we
all expected!!! Thank you very much!!!

>>I currently don't see why a future version of BFRM couldn't support BF:V
>>as well, the coding effort is minimal.

True, but maybe for future versions it won't be... I never asked Kevin, if
there will be a new version for BF:V, but if there won't be one: I
completely understand it and agree with his decision... I'd still be sad
about the loss though... ;)

>>>But being called a bitch doesn't really increase his motivation - great
>>>community work InCisT.

I don't think, anyone on this mailinglist is taking _his_ comments serious,
or am I wrong? ;)


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