[bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Sat Mar 13 14:45:07 EST 2004

Peter Chang wrote:
> finally, my public face probably hasn't been as supportive as you guys have
> wanted, and i apologize for that. but i really have  trying to make the bfv
> server what works for the community. my bugs and proclamations from dice are
> not the same thng.

Actually, I couldn't be much more pleased. We have a running server 
(well, most of us ;-), and the game isn't even released yet. Well, 
Razor1911 don't count.

As you guys might remember, it took about a quarter year, if not more, 
AFTER the bf1942 release before we even had a server that was running...

So, my kudos goes to you for doing this job the way you did, and to DICE 
for really having polished up their release strategy. BF:V is bound to 
get off the ground much quicker than BF1942, server-wise.

As to the remote administration issue: Kevin Lockitt (who was 
inappropriately named a whiney little *** by somebody who himself needs 
to get a clue) was hired by DICE to do some contract work (I think) on 
an administration software. He tried to sell BFRM to DICE, which was 
refused. Consequently, Kevin announced he wouldn't support BF:V in his 
remote manager, and another application seems to be bundled with the 
release version of BF:V.

I currently don't see why a future version of BFRM couldn't support BF:V 
as well, the coding effort is minimal. But being called a bitch doesn't 
really increase his motivation - great community work InCisT.

Hope that clears it up a bit.


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