AW: [bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Christopher Kunz chrislist at
Sat Mar 13 10:31:25 EST 2004

Martin Steiger wrote:

> Conclusion: Don't understand me wrong: BFSMD is and will always be my
> favourite admin-application. But if DICE decides, not to go with it and
> Kevin doesn't want to invest more (spare)time in it: Why "bitching" around?
> That's the way life goes... ;)

Actually, that's my sentiment too. If there is going to be a BF:V 
compatible version of BFSMD around, great. Great for our customers, but 
I actually don't depend on this. Neither do our customers, since they 
have all they need (FTP access, remote console, web interface) to 
administrate their servers without BFSMD.


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