AW: [bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Martin Steiger martin at
Sat Mar 13 09:12:48 EST 2004

Sorry to say, but I somehow understand DICE decision, not to go with BFSMD.
It's one of the greatest, admin apps out there, but remember back at the
time, when Kevin decided to go on "hiatus"...

As far as I understood, Kevin "needed" money for the time he invested in
developing BBO (or updating it) and that's something I understand more or

The problem with the Paypal thing is, you never know how much money you get
(yeah, I donated... ;), so that's not really an option.

Make it shareware: Hmm, that would mean, he would have to invest even more
time in it, since ppl payed to use this app... So again no option... ;)

Open source? Yeah, I bet you all would do that after you spent hundreds of
hours to develop something...

If DICE wants to give someone else the chance to make a name in the BF
community, why not going with BFCC? I don't like BFCC at all, but then, if
DICE decided, it's their admin-app of choice, who are we to judge about
their company policy? ;)

There are many "sparetime" programmers out there, so I think we soon will
have many more admin-applications... One good thing is, BF:V is creating a
PID file, so stopping (or starting) the server with an external application
is a bit easier now... ;)

Conclusion: Don't understand me wrong: BFSMD is and will always be my
favourite admin-application. But if DICE decides, not to go with it and
Kevin doesn't want to invest more (spare)time in it: Why "bitching" around?
That's the way life goes... ;)

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Consider this 'making myself heard'.  As I've mentioned before, if Dice
won't fund his work, I'm willing to throw some paypal money into the pot
to let him continue.

> If you agree make yourself heard

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