not anything to do w/ debian help but some other shit

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Thu Mar 11 02:18:39 EST 2004

From: Kingsley Foreman [mailto:kingsley at]
Subject: Re: [bf1942] bfv - debian help needed

i suspect it is something wrong with the game.serverIP setting.
it isn't applying the setting to the ASE or gamespy code

the same string is passed into the gamespy layer as into the gameserver
layer. and this stuff hasn't changed as far as i can tell

as for the remote console it is a server thing not a exe thing.
if you add server line
admin.enableremoteconsole blah blah 4711
the server won't start 

hmmm... are you doing both of these (non-default ip address and console) at
the same time? the console always binds to the default address (or whatever
inaddr_any gives back). 
looking at the code (that i cannot run) in the release builds, the failure
modes were rencently changed to not be fatal (probably for the same reason
that assertions are commented out rather than being fixed). this means that
if anything is actually going wrong, rather than tell us that something has
gone wrong, the socket that isn't actually bound to what you want it bound
to is now listening, doing random shit that no body expected, and maybe
hanging or doing god knows what.
anyway, i'll leave debuggin this until i can actual run stuff again. i'm
going home to sleep (being up for 22 hours learning some whacked tool under
the gun does bad things to my outlook)
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