[bf1942] Vietnam

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Mon Mar 1 13:02:06 EST 2004

I am also looking forward to the ability to actively edit the classes and
the weapons they carry.

Jon Wolberg
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> > I must confess I wonder what the point of BF:V is, when there is already
> an
> > excellent mod out there for bf1942.
> >
> > Can't say I'll be lining up to buy it, and I love this game.
> >
> The guys on my team are psyched about a few specific things:
> - surface to air missiles that actively home
> - napalm
> - larger maps
> - dense foliage and better ground cover which facilitates tactical ops
> - tanks and boats can be airlifted
> - passengers in vehicles can use their weapons
> If you haven't already heard the soundtrack, you might want to give it a
> listen.  It definitely brought back some memories for me.  If the game
> measures up to expectations, I think that a lot of people will be flocking
> to it.
> Shockwave

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