[bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Reinder Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Tue Jul 27 12:15:35 EDT 2004

I've been running HL servers for a long, long time. I do indeed agree that
Steam is not what I'd like to see. Actually, wasn't it for the WON servers
to be disabled this week, I wouldn't be changing at all. I liked the way it

However, saying Valve should be screwed is dead wrong. They had their
reasons to change to steam, and though many don't like it, it's a fact of
gaming life. Valve DID something I don't see happening with Dice here
though: Eversince the initial release of Half-Life, there were updates an
patches, over and over again. Some were good, some should've been better.
The reason why Valve's game was a solid success, was not only its terrific
support on the linux platform (something BF had to do without for quite some
time) but most importantly the continuous improvements of the engine.

Nowaday's most people don't even recall the struggle with voice
communication and all... it was put in there with a simple update. 

I can agree with the petition here, simply because I bought a game, BF1942,
to see how I could support a good server running it. But most of the players
I had decided to hop on the next game BFV... And when that sorta runs... the
next game is there.... But will Dice or EA commit itself to new patches and
improvements of old games, or can we just plain accept that this is what we
have, won't get any better and thus if we want improvements on a gameserving
box we simply run the next game? I sure hope not.  I subscribed to this list
for 1942... I haven't seen a post about '42 in months. Seeing support of the
original Battlefield, I don't even think about buying BFV... as soon as it's
up, support is dropped in the benefit of the next version. I'd rather say
Screw that then blaming Valve for the next step in HL-evolution (which - as
opposed to BF - is a free update instead of an entirely new game.)

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Van: Rick Thompson [mailto:fortweb at fortweb.com] 
Verzonden: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 5:23 PM
Aan: bf1942 at icculus.org
Onderwerp: Re: [bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Well said!

We also have tried most games out there and BF is as easy on the cpu as any 
of them, much better than many. (Steam is a sickness, BF is the cure! Screw 
you Valve)

The idle cpu issue is insignificant, so what if it runs 15% when it is 
idling or with 10 people connected? We sell games to cover the max amount 
of load they can generate anyway so if every server was maxed out, the box 
can still breath... they can sit there and run 15% empty all day long if 
they want, we don't care. People not planning their bandwidth/cpu that way 
are gouging their customers.


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