[bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Wed Jul 21 16:45:58 EDT 2004

It is also probably worth doing some benchmarking to see if that 15% 
doesn't go away when some other application needs it--such as another 
server process.  The OS might be able to do that.

It may not actually matter at all...


At 10:23 AM 7/21/2004, you wrote:
>Well said!
>We also have tried most games out there and BF is as easy on the cpu as 
>any of them, much better than many. (Steam is a sickness, BF is the cure! 
>Screw you Valve)
>The idle cpu issue is insignificant, so what if it runs 15% when it is 
>idling or with 10 people connected? We sell games to cover the max amount 
>of load they can generate anyway so if every server was maxed out, the box 
>can still breath... they can sit there and run 15% empty all day long if 
>they want, we don't care. People not planning their bandwidth/cpu that way 
>are gouging their customers.
>At 03:27 PM 7/21/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>>If you think BF is bad CPU wise u need to try running some
>>of the other games out there it will be an education.
>>Although idle cpu usage is not optimum but its not that big a
>>deal at a low level that it is. Try Halo that uses a constant
>>20% idle. For CPU usage when full try UT2k4 Onslaught,
>>you will need a 2.2Ghz Opteron to run a 32 player game
>>without hitting 100% CPU.
>>Any game will never be perfect, developers have to call it a day
>>at some point otherwise they will never develop anything new
>>it comes down to financial diminishing returns I'm afraid.
>>For those interested here's some stats I collated a while back:
>>Here's some typical comparison numbers from P4 architecture:
>>Game Gametype Map Players CPU Memory CPU per player
>>Savage N/A crossroads 32 1259 89 39
>>Jedi Academy ffa ffa1 12 494 53 41
>>HalfLife DOD N/A dod_flash 18 734 130 41
>>BF1942 - DC DC iwo jima 32 1355 106 42
>>UT2k3 DM DM-Compressed 12 550 189 46
>>UT2k4 CTF CTF-Citadel 12 546 109 46
>>COD TDM mp_pavlov 32 1594 230 50
>>UT99  DM DM-Deck16][ 10 538 152 54
>>ArmyOps TDM Pipeline 12 662 155 55
>>Enemy Territory stopwatch Oasis 12 654 138 55
>>BFV Conquest Operation Hastings 32 1855 126 58
>>UT99 CTF CTF-Face 12 723 63 60
>>UT2k3 CTF CTF-Citadel 12 730 176 61
>>UT2k4 DM DM-Compressed 12 893 170 74
>>Halo ctf icefields 12 975 43 81
>>Ravenshield TDM Garage 12 1160 209 97
>>UT2k4 ONS ONS-Severance 26 2800 186 108
>>XMP XMP XMP-Rampart 12 1316 210 110
>>UT2k4 ONS ONS-Severance 12 1345 174 112
>>Jedi Academy siege seige_desert 12 1341 58 112
>>FarCry ffa mp_monkeybay 10 1794 182 179
>>Our standard hardware is Dual P4 2.4Ghz / 2.8Ghz with 2Gb RAM
>>and IDE disk subsystem. On such a machine we run around 8 servers
>>depending on game, size etc. Our cut off point is 20% idle if a machine
>>hits this we get warned and its time look at moving servers off that
>>So some conclusions from the above.
>>1. CPU is not just Engine specific but also gametype specific.
>>2. The "ut" engine has improved over the years for CTF / DM but
>>when it comes to ONS is a total CPU hog.
>>3. Call of Duty and MOHAA scale very well to large player numbers.
>>4. Some newer engines such as FarCry are pretty much unusable
>>for server hosting due to their load.
>>5. BF series although has high CPU loads is providing high player
>>slots as well.
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>> > We never asked for those maps and those maps are not getting played a
>> > lot at all.
>> > It has nothing todo with the modding of BF1942, since those bugs are
>> > serious bugs within the engine mostly.
>> > I dont say i dont want it to be realistic, the fact is Dice invests time
>> > to things, the community doesnt even want.
>> > And no pixelshooting is not fixable with a mod, since it is not possible
>> > to make dynamic rendered skies.
>> > CPU usage is just ugly on some linuxsystems, when empty -> see other 
>> thread.
>> > I know BFTV is possible, though with low quality tbh and with a big
>> > workaround.
>> > And yeah, why can't we blame DICE, I do blame dice for not fixing those
>> > bugs, it's just ugly.
>> > But probably EA takes a big part in this, since MoHAA and some more
>> > games contain a lot of bugs also.
>> > I would point to other companies who are really doing their best to keep
>> > the games alive, constantly patching,
>> > constantly listening to inputs fromout the community and you see those
>> > games live and keep on living, though
>> > this doesnt bring money into the pocket, so in fact you can't blame
>> > EA/Dice for being commercial, which they
>> > certainly are. A bummer imo :)
>> > And yeah, looking forward to see some good versions of BFpro, hopefully
>> > this will satisfy the community enough, if
>> > it gets used in competitions.
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> >
>> > Stefan Engbersen
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