[bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Wed Jul 21 09:04:38 EDT 2004

We never asked for those maps and those maps are not getting played a 
lot at all.
It has nothing todo with the modding of BF1942, since those bugs are 
serious bugs within the engine mostly.
I dont say i dont want it to be realistic, the fact is Dice invests time 
to things, the community doesnt even want.
And no pixelshooting is not fixable with a mod, since it is not possible 
to make dynamic rendered skies.
CPU usage is just ugly on some linuxsystems, when empty -> see other thread.
I know BFTV is possible, though with low quality tbh and with a big 
And yeah, why can't we blame DICE, I do blame dice for not fixing those 
bugs, it's just ugly.
But probably EA takes a big part in this, since MoHAA and some more 
games contain a lot of bugs also.
I would point to other companies who are really doing their best to keep 
the games alive, constantly patching,
constantly listening to inputs fromout the community and you see those 
games live and keep on living, though
this doesnt bring money into the pocket, so in fact you can't blame 
EA/Dice for being commercial, which they
certainly are. A bummer imo :)
And yeah, looking forward to see some good versions of BFpro, hopefully 
this will satisfy the community enough, if
it gets used in competitions.


Stefan Engbersen

InCisT wrote:

> Stefan Engbersen wrote:
>> The petition now already has almost 9000 votes.
>> And BF1942 still is proven the be a very active competitive game, in 
>> Europe even
>> twice as active in competitions and cups as BF Vietnam.
>> A lot of things need to improve to keep this game competitive, 
>> although it seems
> Learn to MOD.
>> DICE isn't even listening to the community as they are saying they do.
>> -We never asked for a Official WWII mod for Vietnam
>> -We never asked for maps like Caen or Philipines, who are seldomly 
>> played
> Yes we did. We asked for more official maps, and IMO they get played 
> alot.
>> -We never asked for sucky guns like the DP or the Johnson
> You wanted realism or you want it to be more like UT?
>> What we are asking is to fix some bugs in BF1942 and although the 
>> petition is about
>> BFTV, which would be nice to have. Since a lot is casted on the 
>> internet. It mainly is about
>> bugs (mainly reloadbugs, hitbox box bugs etc.), pixelshooting, first 
>> person specmode, demorecording and maybe a proper netcode without 
>> bullets
>> flying 4 meters an hour. And not the forget that annoying CPU usage 
>> in the linuxserver.
> Hmm. Which one of these makes it more competitive?
> Pixelshooting, Fixable in a mod.
> The rest would be nice to have but not required for comp.
> CPU Usage? Lets see, with all the shit its gotta keep up with, I dont 
> see bad performance at all. In fact im thankfull that they have been 
> able to improve the linux server from where it started.
> Demo recording takes alot of engine changes, and if its just thrown 
> togethor then they are HUGE files.  BFTV Is possible, as my clan has 
> streamed live games (delayed by 30 seconds to prevent cheaters) over 
> the internet before. If you cant figure out how to do it then its not 
> DICE's fault your a moron.
>> So DICE shouldn't be saying they listen to the community, nobody ever 
>> asked the community even.
>> And since Battlefield Vietnam will never make it competivitely wise 
>> to 1942, I am asking DICE again
>> to reconsider their choice not to support BF1942 anymore.
>> It just can't be that a succesfull game like BF1942 is already 
>> starting to die after 1,5 year, that's just not right.
>> Anyway I am sending this mail on behalf of the clanbase.com community.
>> Hope to get an official answer from Andreas :-)
>> Kind regards,
>> Stefan Engbersen
>> http://www.clanbase.com/humaninfo.php?hid=1426746
>> impact-Hosting.com  
> Maybe you should think about changing what you want changed before you 
> complain so loudly.  Or submit it to the bfpro change requests, they 
> got off thier asses and started changing things they didnt like, why 
> dont you? Im tired of people always saying blah blah blah DICE FIX 
> THIS DICE FIX THAT when in the last year they have put massive amounts 
> of hard work into this to make it where it is, now its your turn.  
> With BF:V and BF2 how many more projects do you think DICE can work 
> on? Maybe once the BF:V issues die down they can try and release a 
> final patch for BF but jesus cut them some slack.
> InCisT

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