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Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
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If you think BF is bad CPU wise u need to try running some
of the other games out there it will be an education.
Although idle cpu usage is not optimum but its not that big a
deal at a low level that it is. Try Halo that uses a constant
20% idle. For CPU usage when full try UT2k4 Onslaught,
you will need a 2.2Ghz Opteron to run a 32 player game
without hitting 100% CPU.

Any game will never be perfect, developers have to call it a day
at some point otherwise they will never develop anything new
it comes down to financial diminishing returns I'm afraid.

For those interested here's some stats I collated a while back:
Here's some typical comparison numbers from P4 architecture:
      Game Gametype Map Players CPU Memory CPU per player 
      Savage N/A crossroads 32 1259 89 39 
      Jedi Academy ffa ffa1 12 494 53 41 
      HalfLife DOD N/A dod_flash 18 734 130 41 
      BF1942 - DC DC iwo jima 32 1355 106 42 
      UT2k3 DM DM-Compressed 12 550 189 46 
      UT2k4 CTF CTF-Citadel 12 546 109 46 
      COD TDM mp_pavlov 32 1594 230 50 
      UT99  DM DM-Deck16][ 10 538 152 54 
      ArmyOps TDM Pipeline 12 662 155 55 
      Enemy Territory stopwatch Oasis 12 654 138 55 
      BFV Conquest Operation Hastings 32 1855 126 58 
      UT99 CTF CTF-Face 12 723 63 60 
      UT2k3 CTF CTF-Citadel 12 730 176 61 
      UT2k4 DM DM-Compressed 12 893 170 74 
      Halo ctf icefields 12 975 43 81 
      Ravenshield TDM Garage 12 1160 209 97 
      UT2k4 ONS ONS-Severance 26 2800 186 108 
      XMP XMP XMP-Rampart 12 1316 210 110 
      UT2k4 ONS ONS-Severance 12 1345 174 112 
      Jedi Academy siege seige_desert 12 1341 58 112 
      FarCry ffa mp_monkeybay 10 1794 182 179 

Our standard hardware is Dual P4 2.4Ghz / 2.8Ghz with 2Gb RAM
and IDE disk subsystem. On such a machine we run around 8 servers
depending on game, size etc. Our cut off point is 20% idle if a machine
hits this we get warned and its time look at moving servers off that

So some conclusions from the above.
1. CPU is not just Engine specific but also gametype specific.
2. The "ut" engine has improved over the years for CTF / DM but
when it comes to ONS is a total CPU hog.
3. Call of Duty and MOHAA scale very well to large player numbers.
4. Some newer engines such as FarCry are pretty much unusable
for server hosting due to their load.
5. BF series although has high CPU loads is providing high player
slots as well.

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> We never asked for those maps and those maps are not getting played a 
> lot at all.
> It has nothing todo with the modding of BF1942, since those bugs are 
> serious bugs within the engine mostly.
> I dont say i dont want it to be realistic, the fact is Dice invests time 
> to things, the community doesnt even want.
> And no pixelshooting is not fixable with a mod, since it is not possible 
> to make dynamic rendered skies.
> CPU usage is just ugly on some linuxsystems, when empty -> see other thread.
> I know BFTV is possible, though with low quality tbh and with a big 
> workaround.
> And yeah, why can't we blame DICE, I do blame dice for not fixing those 
> bugs, it's just ugly.
> But probably EA takes a big part in this, since MoHAA and some more 
> games contain a lot of bugs also.
> I would point to other companies who are really doing their best to keep 
> the games alive, constantly patching,
> constantly listening to inputs fromout the community and you see those 
> games live and keep on living, though
> this doesnt bring money into the pocket, so in fact you can't blame 
> EA/Dice for being commercial, which they
> certainly are. A bummer imo :)
> And yeah, looking forward to see some good versions of BFpro, hopefully 
> this will satisfy the community enough, if
> it gets used in competitions.
> Regards,
> Stefan Engbersen

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