[bf1942] Cpu usage when empty!

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Tue Jul 20 09:30:10 EDT 2004

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I am running a single BF1942 server on a Dual Xeon 2.66Ghz with 3GB ram on
The odd things is, when the server is empty it uses a pretty large amount of
CPU, why is this ?

29279 stx       15   0 75580  50m  12m S 15.6  1.7   0:29.34 bf1942_lnxded

It usually is around the 13 to 20% of one of the cpu's, I have tried to run
it with the prioritydaemon, but this doesnt make any difference it seems, it
is pretty annoying, since if I want to run more BF1942 servers on this box
the load will rise, when they are all empty, this can't be good.
I have had it with the 2.6.6 fedora core2 standard SMP kernel, though I have
build my own one, since the security issues the 2.6.6 kernel had, still the
same problem, is it a kerneloption which needs to be turned on or off ? To
me it just seems some bad programming, how to fix this?
Thanks in forward,


Stefan Engbersen

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