[bf1942] punkbuster bans on hardware level

ståhl newiq at spray.se
Thu Jul 1 17:07:47 EDT 2004

Legally they're probably correct (yes, "probably" as in "not sure", but 
eula's tend to be pretty defensively written). Which part specifically 
don't you believe is legal? The hardware hash or the global ban, or 
maybe both? The hardware hash is something done by the program and you 
probably agree to it when you click "Yes, I agree" on the EULA before 
installing PB. I don't remember the part about the global ban though. 
You can start the install of PB for battlefield and see if it's covered 
in it.

Otherwise, there's always the option of playing on non-PB servers. Also, 
according to their own reports, they have very few false positives. A 
way of getting around the global ban is maybe formatting your windows 
partition and swapping network cards or some other gear with a friend of 
yours because PB will have to redo the hashes, and then they will not match.

I, for one don't want to play with scumbags and punks no matter what 
game it is, and I certainly don't want the previously mentioned 
following me into other games to terrorize me further. If they know how 
to act like first class a-holes in one game, they probably know how to 
act the same in another and should therefore be punished. Imho, this is 
a good addition and it'll be an improvement in quality for the 
enlightened part of the gaming communities. What I don't agree with and 
something that I want to change is to some sort of scoring system 
instead of instant permanent ban. A system that gives a long timeban on 
the first offense, and then a permanent on the second to make them think 
about their actions. In comparison with jailtime instead of instant 
execution which indeed is quite harsh.

brammes wrote:

>The cost of hacking on PunkBuster servers has just
>gone up significantly. PunkBuster now computes
>Hardware GUIDs for various pieces of hardware on
>players' systems while playing on PunkBuster servers.
>We use multiple private one-way hashes so that no
>serial number information for individual computers can
>be determined by admins or anyone else who may try to
>obtain this information from a Hardware GUID 
>more info@
>no mercy for the cheating punks! although I'm not sure
>if this is legal?
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