[bf1942] scripts in BF anytime?

Johan Stalnacke johan.sp at home.se
Tue Jan 27 04:19:52 EST 2004

If you wan't to change (or see) you'r aliases, just check the file
in /battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942/settings/

A typical "alias line" could look like this in the file:
alias listplayers game.listplayers
So if you wrote listplayers in the game, it will do the same thing as
or you can for example use load wake instead of
admin.changemap wake, or just design you'r own alias.

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> yes, I heard of these aliases too, but have not found any online HowTo or
FAQ or
> a list of all preset aliases (coz they say there are some shorter commands
> the commands). The only useful page on this subject is
> http://www.planetbattlefield.com/bf1942/game/commands but no sign of
> here, hehe...
> I am kind of dissapointed that this info is not found on the official BF
> (bf1942.ea.com).
> Ah well... if anyone knows an URL, please do post it.
> Regards,
> Klemen
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> didn't DICE put in user controlled aliases?  i don't use them, since i
> use BBO (alt-tabbing almost always works for me) but keeping it
> maximized does increase your chances
> Steve Getman wrote:
> > Perhaps a macro system of some sort...  I just think adding a GUI for
> > admin is somewhat of a waste since the vast majority of people have no
> > need for it...
> >

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