[bf1942] bf1942 map list?

Adam 'Starblazer' Romberg star at extremepcgaming.net
Wed Jan 7 14:01:15 EST 2004

In game, you can type game.Listmaps * (I think) and it will bring up the
listing of the maps..

or you can look in

'/your/server/directory/bf1942/mods/$MOD/Archives/bf1942/levels' for a
directory listing.



On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Luke wrote:

> Hey all,
> New to the list. Im wondering if there is an archive for
> this mailing list so I can spare you all some basic
> questions?
> Also, I notice that in my 'maplist.con' file defaults to
> include only the 'berlin' map. Does this mean thats the
> only map the server will run? Im assuming so..... If this
> is the case, can anyone send me their map list?
> Im also going to run DC and EOD mods for bf1942. anyone
> know where I can get map lists for these as well?
> Thanks!
> Luke

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