[bf1942] Textures Prob with DC 0.6 and/or nvidia 53.XX driver

Manni Eppe manni_eppe at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 5 19:25:12 EST 2004

At first thank you.
I know it doesn't really fit in here, but i also thougt this grey rectangle 
in client-stuff is also not an linux server prob... I just know this is the 
best resource for all BF-probs. I wont't bother this mailing list again 
with stuff like that, but this one was quite an emergency...
Thx anyway.

At 01:10 06.01.2004, you wrote:
>Manni Eppe wrote:
> > Hi all
> > I'm having a problem with my textures in DC since 0.6 and/or the NVIDIA
> > 5*.** driver. It's quite hard to describe even though it's a REALLY big
> > and annoying bug.
>Well first up, this is not a Linux server problem, so I'm not sure why you 
>sent it to this list - doesn't bother me in particular, but I know some 
>folks get testy about it.
>Anyway, if you do a search on one of the many community message boards 
>that deal more with client issues, you'll find that this is a fairly well 
>known problem with the latest Nvidia drivers. Back down to an earlier 
>version, and you should be fine.
>See here, for example: 

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