not appearing in gamespy/ingame browser sporadicaly since 1.6?

Brigham Stevens brs at
Tue Feb 24 19:01:47 EST 2004

Wondering if anyone has any insight into this...
I have started receiving many complaints from regular players that my server is 
not appearing in the gamespy/ingame browser. I think it is appearing in ASE OK, 
but ASE caches the list so I'm not sure. This has been only since the 1.6 
upgrade. I installed using the tar ball before the .bin/executable installer 
was released.

Anyways, I have clipped the relevant portions from my serversettings.con file 
below... I have been using these same settings since 1.3xx and it has always 
worked. If you see something that I should change please let me know!

Has anyone else been having any troubles with this?

game.serverName "Desert of DOOM DC 0.7 -=CTF=-"
game.serverDedicated 1

game.serverInternet 1

game.serverPort 14567
game.gameSpyLANPort 0
game.gameSpyPort 0
game.ASEPort 0

THANKS for your help!

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