[bf1942] Contact info needed

Misao misaochankun at speakeasy.net
Mon Feb 23 19:56:05 EST 2004

You want details? I'll serve them up.

Basically, UA wants to set up some sort of plug-in system that any game can
use so that every game can have the same useful/fun information available.
We would like to get BF for example the ability to use Clanmod, Statsme, or
HLstats without massive tweaking. For those not familiar with these
products: Clanmod is an admin control program. The 'Clan' part of the name
is to highlight its abilities to organize clan matches/scrims etc in the
best possible manner. All of this is done in game via menu, or console.
Statsme is an in-game stats plug-in. This gives players details like how
much damage they did, how far the shot went, where it hit them, who killed
them and where they got shot, top 15 players on the server, etc. HLstats is
a live running stats web plug-in. It feeds live off the log stream from the
Half-life server and calculates stats on the fly.

Another nice plug-in that already has basic BF support is phpUA. This is a
web plug-in that lets you see live or delayed player stat information such
as hitpoints, gun used, or even location. For mods that have the support, it
even offers a map of the current server layout, and dots indicating player
locations. A demo of this can be found at http://demo.phpua.com . This
project only lacks the ability to gather location and other related data to
make the map and location dots work for BF.

UA has a number of other projects as well that could be ported to use the BF
engine. We have a number of bots for different games, as well as a few
anti-cheat programs that work rather well. We are aware that DICE is using
that PB code in the game now, but just as Valve has learned with their VAC,
there is never anything wrong with extra protection. 

My goal is to find people that can help get this Mod Connection together.
All of these projects need people that know certain games and how they run,
as well as how to plug in program to gather the information needed. All of
the above products have the potential to work in BF/DC/GC if we can just
find out how to get that working with the base products. The name of the
product that will include Clanmod and Statsme together is Titan. UA hopes to
get Titan working with just about any online game so that we can then base
other universal plug-ins off of it. 

For more information, the UA website is found here: 

Feel free to continue emailing me directly if you have further questions. I
know a lot of you seem interested in phpUA for example, and I would be happy
to pass along any questions or information.


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