[bf1942] Contact info needed

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Mon Feb 23 21:09:29 EST 2004

Misao wrote:

> UnitedAdmins.com is trying to delve into the BF world, and I am in 
> need of
> some contacts for the many mods of BF. We'd like to offer the same 
> services
> that Half-life mods get to the BF mods, and we need somewhere to get
> started.
> We already have a couple of projects that work with BF mods, but there 
> is a
> lot more we'd like to offer. I know I for one would love the ability 
> to use
> something like an admin mod(Clanmod to those who know what it is) 
> inside my
> BF server when I'm playing. There are a number of other benefits as well,
> but I won't bore this group with them unless I am asked to.
> We are ready to offer support such as mailing lists, forums, irc, 
> support,
> documentation, whatever developers need, for the goal of helping to unify
> development to the point where plugins can be used on any type of game
> engine or mod. So, if you guys can help me on this quest, please let 
> me know. No need to
> spam the list unless it is something everyone can benefit from, so 
> feel free
> to email me directly.
> Misao

AFAIK bf doesnt support server side mods.  And if you mod the server, 
all the clients need the mod. So you might want to look into what you 
need and such, I run a multiple of different games as servers, I dont 
see how adminmod would help us admins out anyway, theres no real changes 
you can make.   Im not saying your efforts wont be appreciated, im 
saying you should really look into this before you make any steps, as BF 
is not the same type of engine in CS or MOH or any of the other 
customizable engines.


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