[bf1942] Server Utilization

Rick Thompson fortweb at fortweb.com
Mon Feb 16 06:35:32 EST 2004

Idle gameservers do use some cpu and always have, it is not something new 
with 1.6 and it is not relegated to BF servers, we see it on HL and UT 
servers as well. We did noticed a slight increase with 1.5 when idle that 
seems to be at worst case on the first map after startup.

It is not a big deal to us because we have enough horsepower to run all the 
servers we put on any given box when all of them are full. We don't play 
the average game and hope that all the servers won't fill up at once so we 
don't care if it is sitting there idling at 20% or running full tilt.


At 11:00 AM 2/16/2004 +0100, you wrote:

>The way we setup our boxes is not of your concern. Each company has
>different policy regarding "overselling" or not. And the discussion
>I started is not about that, but about idle servers taking up CPU,
>which is not good imho. Especially when the problem was introduced
>with 1.6. So I'd like to see if there is something that can be done
>about it. I'm still hoping a solution can be found in the kernel
>configuration, so let's focus the discussion on that part.
> >
> > >We have private and public servers combined. Private
> > servers, which are
> > >normally empty during the day, are taking up valuable CPU
> > now. And they
> > >are effecting performance which is not good, of course.
> > >
> > >Roland
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > Be a good providor, and dont oversell your boxes then.
> >
> > I:nCisT
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