[bf1942] Server Utilization

Roland Kool roland at cyso.nl
Mon Feb 16 05:00:47 EST 2004

The way we setup our boxes is not of your concern. Each company has
different policy regarding "overselling" or not. And the discussion
I started is not about that, but about idle servers taking up CPU,
which is not good imho. Especially when the problem was introduced
with 1.6. So I'd like to see if there is something that can be done
about it. I'm still hoping a solution can be found in the kernel
configuration, so let's focus the discussion on that part.


> >We have private and public servers combined. Private 
> servers, which are 
> >normally empty during the day, are taking up valuable CPU 
> now. And they 
> >are effecting performance which is not good, of course.
> >
> >Roland
> >
> >  
> >
> Be a good providor, and dont oversell your boxes then.
> I:nCisT

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