[bf1942] Map change process leak with 1.6rc2

Luca Fabbro luca.fabbro at procne.it
Tue Feb 10 04:09:25 EST 2004

No Steve, I also have 4 bf processes but non one seem to be a zombie, none 
marked as Z. I'm not sure if it appears after a map change or at start up 
time, but I think it's spawned from the beginning.
As said my config Slackware 9.0 XP processor bf dynamic built.
I'll try later and see exactly what happens if no one else will reply.

At 20.45 09/02/2004, you wrote:
>Interesting I will have a dig around. I thought this was perhaps a bug
>with exit_group which was "fixed" in FreeBSD 5.2 but just checked on
>5.1 with my dummy patch and its still the same so looks like it is
>a bug introduced in bf v1.6
>If you could just check the number of processes just after start and then
>do a manual change of map from the console and check again on your
>box that would be appreciated. I say this as I do only see 3 processes
>here and Im wondering if the 4th u see is a map change zombie?
>     Steve / K
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>Subject: Re: [bf1942] Map change process leak with 1.6rc2
> > yep, on my RH 7.3 box I don't see a bunch of zombies either....
> > I did notice an extra thread running (always was 3 in the past, now there
> > are 4).
> > So maybe it just uses 1 extra thread now?
> >
> > Andreas, perhaps this has been posted before, but could you provide a brief
> > overview of what the purpose of each thread is?
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > 1.6rc2 + dc .7 = nice on my server
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