[bf1942] BF2 + Logging in?

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Fri Dec 10 22:05:48 EST 2004

That's a good idea for comparing what comes down.   It's just you now 
have to maintain an extra box that for GSP's doesn't generate revenue, 
and take the time to go to such lengths to know what's happening to your 
system.   That's the sad part I hope doesn't become a part of BF:2.    
As admins, we want reduced interface time, easier to manage servers, and 
fewer complications.   It's all about reduction of our time involved and 
increasing the uptime of our servers.

What I find tough to swallow is that I'm really ticked off about things 
like that, and many of you guys who operate GSP's aren't as vocal about 
it.   I mean, I run public servers.  I get zero revenue - my partner and 
I shell out money to keep large, stable public servers running so anyone 
can hop on and play.   I don't want clan matches on my servers - I want 
them to rent servers from you guys.   Now while stuff like this doesn't 
really affect me in a time/money issue like it does you guys, I still 
get bent when I hear about stuff like this, and I'm somewhat confused 
about why you GSP guys aren't making a fuss about it.


Steven Hartland wrote:

> This is true u might want to do what we do and take a "dev" box
> approach where it keeps images of the games and has a checksum
> set of what each image contains that way u know exactly what
> steam is changing and all in all turns out not much different to a
> standard download just in a different package.
>    Steve / K
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Michael Ressen" 
> <netadmin at michiganburbs.com>
>> As for the auto-update, I know you can do it manually...but you still 
>> don't know what's in the package.   At least with a gzipped file i 
>> can unpack it in a temp dir and look at it first, and protect files I 
>> don't want overwritten without it failing.

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