[bf1942] BF2 + Logging in?

Tristan Gulyas zardoz at shafted.com.au
Fri Dec 17 01:56:24 EST 2004


>> Valve already fixed the "Steam on lan" problem a long time ago.
>> You can play cs 1.6 and cs:source on LAN without having to logon on steam
>> !

Hardly.  The problems we got at our regular 300 player event here in
Melbourne were the following:

* Users would get "your steam ticket has expired" and HL2/CS:S would refuse
to start up without auth.
* Once auth ports were enabled via our (billed per megabyte!) Internet
connection, a steam update released two hours afterwards prevented clients
from starting the old version.
* Not all users play HL2 and update Steam on a daily basis - the previous
day, an HL2 MP update came out...  There is no 'cache' download that users
can install, or a traditional offline-mode patch.  It would suck to be a
net-cafe owner with 30 machines and a pay-per-megabyte connection!!  We 
simply told the gamers that they were on their own.

Fortunately, we at least have limited net access at our LAN event, but as 
far as I know, it's a true one of its kind in the country.

*looks for something to smash*.


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