[bf1942] Official WW2 mod for BFV, server files?

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Sat Aug 21 22:32:07 EDT 2004

u think the same guys who make the models, fix the code????

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> > May I ask why this mod is released ?
> > Does Dice think all BF1942 will move over?
> > To continue on the BF1942 Petition topic, this is another waste of time,
> > nothing the community has asked for.
> > Only BF:V people will start playing this mod, BF1942 people are
> > forgotten again, but still the more played game
> > throughout Europe.
> > This time could have been better invested in a new BF1942 1.7 patch with
> > a load of bugfixes, which the petition people
> > (http://www.so-fragged.com/bftv/)
> > have signed for and never had any reply from Dice, a freaking petition
> > with 8500 unique votes has never been shown for any game on the internet
> > !!!!!!
> > Good job DICE, really!
> > Anyway I am glad to report the amount of BF:V has DECREASED since the
> > v1.1 patch and the amount of BF1942 has INCREASED a little again and I
> > hope
> > Dice ever sees the light (again).
> > And please flame me, because i'm a real dedicated community person.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Stefan aka stx
> > Clanbase.com
> Well I sort of agree,
> I mostly agree that nobody.... I mean 'nobody' asked for this work. Sure
> thanks for nothing, but I still see lots of bugs Dice could have been
> fixing instead. Why does it seem like Dice would rather waste time modding
> crap instead of working on the problems. Thats fine, but we can mod/map
> all day ourselves. The reason we don't is because this game is a
> blithering mess.
> Here are some examples of what you could work on instead of giving us new
> 'features' that usually result in even more bugs.
> -Try the game on nvidia hardware, then fix the problems you see. It is
> obvious nobody at Dice has ever seen anything with the word 'nvidia' on
> it. Either that or they just don't care about the problems. This is just a
> guess, but maybe all those ATI crash to desktop are related to the same
> thing causing every nvidia user to play on low detail so they don't get
> crazy graphics problems... (ask the DC developers, they fixed this problem
> before... maybe a bad texture killing the render engine?)
> -Fix the parachute bug.
> -Fix how you can't lay down in the hanger scaffolding... you can't stand
> back up.
> -Fix the huey bug that gives you 1 fps every time you almost get shot
> -Fix the f4 sound loop bug
> -Fix the bug where soldiers run around with a soggy diapers.
> -Fix the bug where solders run around on metal, even when they are on dirt
> -Fix the bug where somebody can play the game and still use EAX without it
> destroying the performance, or migs at certian angles making a crazy loud
> crackling sound, or hearing anybody acrost the map for a brief second as
> they turn the radio on.
> -Fix how if you run a map too many times in a row without reloading it,
> the spawn points (such as Hastings) combine on the NVA side and most of
> the team can no longer spawn.
> -Fix the bug where you can get into walls on con thien on the NVA side
> -Fix the bug where once you get shot while reloading, you can no longer
> see yourself reloading anymore. (thus having no idea when you can fire)
> -Fix the bug where you have to add some more c4 caps on c4 you don't have,
> just to get the detonator out and use it
> -Fix the bug where pungy stick slide through the ground into never never
> land.
> -Fix the temple bug that makes Ho Chi Man, Cambodian Incursion, etc... no
> longer playable.
> -Fix the bug where you shoot the enemy team on a server with kickback, you
> yourself get killed by the server just for killing an enemy... Thus making
> the game pointless since nobody can shoot anybody without the chance that
> the server will kickback kill them on the other team.
> -Fix the bug where some sound events kill the personal mp3 music, then it
> goes off sync so you can't hear it but everybody else can, then you can
> hear it but nobody else can.
> -Fix the crash to desktop bug
> I could probably go on, but I won't because posting this will not intice
> anybody over there to do anything anyways. Never has, never will. All I'm
> trying to point out is how modding things up and giving us new things is
> pointless if we can't play the game. It is perfect logic to businesses and
> people down here on earth..... Must be gobbly gook to Dice and EA.

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