[bf1942] Funny gameplay changes!

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Sun Aug 1 10:20:01 EDT 2004

It is sad to see Dice doesnt release patches for this game and just 
leave it full of bugs after almost 1,5 years after
the releasedate. The most annoying bug imo is the reloadbug/soundbug, 
when you switch back to your gun and
it reloads automatically while it was full and the bug if you take 
another weapon from the ground, that other ones
keep hearing a shooting sound and know your position.
Though these are 2 of a lot of bugs still in BF1942.
Anyway, see the petition thread, we had a petition with 8000+ unique 
signs, this says enough to me, this
is almost the whole european community tbh, mailed it to dice and afaik 
didnt have a response.
BF:V will never make it to BF1942 if they keep making patches like 
these. All topteams stick to BF1942, I even
see more and more players going back to CoD or BF1942.
This is mostly because of the balance, BF1942 is very balanced, maps, 
vehicles etc..
With BF:V wars are decided when you take over a homebase or steal ONE 
helicopter, this is just annoying.
Anyway enough said, I really hope Dice will ever reconsider and make a 
usefull debugging patch for BF1942, that's
all we ask, we don't need new maps or new weapons/vehicles. We never 
asked for Philipines or those sucky Johnson gun.
If they invested the time they put into those new thing into debugging, 
we would not whine by now.

I dont say steam is right, but Valve at least knows how to keep a game 
And the best = ID Software ofcourse, woohoo client linuxbinaries for 
doom3 :)

Have a nice weekend,


Stefan aka stx

Michael wrote:

>>A few funny gameplay changes:
>>The m60 is stronger than the mounted guns on the Corsair and Migs.
>>The mi-8 has become a flying tank, really hard to kill it.
>>The mounted m60's on the Huey are weaker than the normal m60.
>>And now last but not least:
>>The mutt has become heatseaking, but why the hell do they put these things
>>on pure infantry maps, without flying objects? Hah :)
>>Anyone else noticed anything funny at the gameplay?
>>Sidenote: My opinion is, this is a bad patch.
>This is the first BF series patch (nerf job) that I have to say I agree
>with you.... I almost disagree with every aspect of it. Well, other than
>the m60 being more powerful against helicopters, and some kind of AA for
>the US... Not happy about the half assed job of modifying the mutt though.
>Should have just been a new weapon like everybody was asking for. (a lot
>of us liked and used the mutt when it used to be a tow)
>But it doesn't look like we are alone with this take on the patch. If you
>watch things like this, you'll notice the massive migration back to
>bf942/dc. I switched my servers over yesterday.
>Graphics aren't as nice, but the gameplay is a lot better. As if anybody
>cared what I thought over there at Dice. If I were you guys, I'd think
>about switching a few things around 'quickly' as to not lose the fanbase
>or future sales. Take a poll and find out for yourself.

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